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Customer expectations change faster than the organisations transform. Companies are isolating themselves, building their worldviews from within and starting to believe their own dogma as truths. 

Frankly Partners speaks directly about people and business. We are a partner that forces you to focus on the essentials: business must be relevant to today's and tomorrow's customers - and brutally honest about its own pain points. 

We bring the customer back into business decision-making and increase customer value by leveraging our deep understanding of human behaviour, culture and strategy.

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In-depth knowledge and insight.

What we offer:

Anthropological Research・Customer Research・Culture Research・Segmentation

Anthropological Research

Customer Research

Culture Research



Tools to imagine the future, make decisions, and drive value creation.

What we offer:

Growth Potential・Business Model・Loyalty and Customership・Offering

Growth Potential

Business Model

Loyalty and Customership



Brand that increase equity. Brands that people want and need.

What we offer:

Value Proposition・Customer Experience・Position・Portfolio and Architecture

Value Proposition

Customer Experience


Portfolio and Architecture


Skills that fast-forward organizations.

What we offer:

Customer Centricity・Culture and Ways of Working・Employee Experience・Change Facilitation

Customer Centricity

Culture and Ways of Working

Employee Experience

Change Facilitation

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The best way to capture potential is to understand your customers better than your competitors do.

In a world flooded with data, information and sensory stimuli, it is all too easy to forget the most important thing: there is always a human being behind the numbers.

Our team is a combination of analytical and systems thinking skills, a human-centred approach from philosophers and behavioural scientists, seasoned with strong practical strategy and leadership experience. Not forgetting creativity and magic.

We produce our own research on clients and organisations. About Loyalty book dives into customer loyalty through behavioural science and business interviews. The Next New project explores Finns' everyday lives and everyday choices. We have measured the maturity of customer centricity in over 400 organisations.

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